Giant Snake Caught On Video Ringing Doorbell

A family in Converse caught a surprise vistor on their Ring doorbell camera. A large snake rang the doorbell at 1 a.m.



Muniz said her home is near a field by the San Antonio River Authority water plant in Converse, but this is the first time a snake has rung the doorbell.




The woman from Texas shared a video of a wall-climbing snake that scaled the outside of her home and used its face to ring her doorbell.

“We checked our Ring, and it was a snake,” homeowner Belinda Muniz told KSAT-TV. “You just never expect a snake to ring your doorbell.”




She said the video should serve as a warning.

“Just want to remind everyone that it’s hot out there and snakes are out, so be alert,” she told KVUE-TV.

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