Boy Wins Apartment For Family After Doing 3,270 Press Ups In Two Hours

Here’s a story that will make you feel completely inadequate. A six-year-old boy as defeated the odds by doing 3,270 press ups in two hours, winning his family an apartment in the process.



Footage shows the lad completing his push ups. Although he may pause for a second – I bet that lactic acid is making his muscles sore – he cracks on and smashes the record.




Ibrahim Lyanov, from Novy Redant, Russia, pulled off the incredible feat as he entered the Russian Book of Records.

Not only did he win the new home for his family, he also set a new record for the most press ups in one continuous attempt. The legend did a total of 4,445.




The apartment was given to the boy by a local sports club called Chingiz. He had been training there every single day with his dad to help him win the competition and still goes twice a week.

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