Donnie Yen Does Bottle Cap Challenge Blindfolded

If I told you a load of celebrities were going round filming themselves kicking the caps off bottles, I could probably predict your reactions.



Before this year, you might have been right. Before even last month, you would’ve had a fighting chance at winning this very debate. But alas, 2019 is the time of the bottle cap challenge, so you’re very much mistaken.

The latest celebrity to get involved in the challenge? Donnie Yen.




The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story star posted the video of him attempting (and completing) the bottle cap challenge earlier today (July 3). Yen upped the ante though, doing the entire thing blindfolded and hands-down beating his predecessors who dared come before him.




If you’ve somehow managed to miss the challenge in all its glory, it’s relatively self-explanatory in the fact that it involves a person removing the cap from a bottle with one well-placed kick. The catch? Said person can’t touch or move the bottle.