Massive 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Hits TV Studio Live On Air

A TV news broadcast was cut short after a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked the studio.



Juan Fernandez and Sara Donchey were on a CBS affiliate in Los Angeles when the quake struck, causing the whole set to wobble.

Super professional Donchey attempted to carry on regardless, telling viewers: “We are experiencing quite a bit of shaking, if you bear with us a moment. We’re making sure nothing is going to come down in the studio here.”




She then grabbed her co-anchor and said: “This is a very strong earthquake.”

Before making the decision to duck for cover, adding: “Eight-twenty-one here and we’re experiencing very strong shaking. I think we need to get under the desk, Juan.”




Donchey then hid below the table as the broadcast cut to a commercial break.

It was the second powerful quake in two days, following a 6.4 magnitude which struck on 4 July, and is the biggest to hit the area in 20 years.