Dude Gets Electrocuted But Saves Himself From Death!

Worker is partially paralysed and suffers electric shock for 20 seconds before managing to unplug faulty equipment he was gripping.


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The 23-year-old man, surnamed Song, was working at a garage in Nanning, Guangxi region when he suffered an electric shock from a malfunctioning pressure washer.

Footage on June 27 shows him putting a suction hose into a bucket of water and then picking up the power washer with his left hand.




Just seconds later his entire body begins to convulse as the faulty device sends a current through his body, partially paralysing him and causing him to fall onto the ground.

Mr Song’s entire body goes stiff apart from his right arm and he is unable to prise his fingers off the pressure washing gun.




Despite being shocked for more than 20 seconds, Mr Song is able to save himself by unplugging the power washer from the socket, escaping the ordeal with minor injuries.