Runner Embarrassingly Loses 5,000m Race After Celebrating One Lap Too Soon

Hagos Gebrhiwet is a highly accomplished long-distance runner. The Ethiopian is a former junior world-record holder in the 5,000 metres and a bronze medallist at the 2016 Olympics.



One look at his honours list and he clearly knows his way around the track. But, professional athletes aren’t immune from making even the most basic of mistakes.

The 25-year-old – who also competes over 3,000m – was leading the 5,000m event with a lap to go – or so he thought.




Having dug deep in an effort to create an unassailable gap between himself and the chasing pack, Gebrhiwet crossed the line with his arms raised in the air and began waving to the fans.

Unfortunately, though, his celebrations were cut short by the sound of the golden bell ringing to signify the start of the final lap.




Gebrhiwet realised his catastrophic error, but it proved too late; his rivals had already caught up to him as he rejoined the race.