Sorry Guys, Mariah Carey Just Won The #BottleCapChallenge

Celebrities from John Mayer to Jason Statham joined in on the new challenge, although when it comes to knocking the challenge out of the park, nobody really beats martial arts star Donnie Yen. That is, until Mariah Carey showed up.



The Bottle Cap Challenge started June 25 when Taekwondo fighter and instructor Farabi Davletchin posted a video of himself kicking the lid off the top of a bottle using a martial arts kick.




Now singer superstar Mariah Carey has done her take on the Bottle Cap Challenge by singing instead of kicking. In the video posted on her Twitter on Sunday, the pop star sings and the cap mysterious flies off the bottle.




While singing a high note in front of a bottle won’t actually cause the bottle cap to fly off in real life, thanks to some editing magic, the impossible looks possible.

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