Motorcyclist Tries To Show Off At Stop Light, Promptly Humiliates Himself

As the old saying goes, “the bigger the burnout, the more embarrassing the fall.”



This is the hilarious moment a show-off motorcyclist who had violently revved his engine to send a cloud of tyre smoke into the air suffers instant karma when he tries to wheelie away from traffic lights and falls off.

His reversal in fortunes was caught on camera by a trailing car’s dash cam in Tijuana, north-west Mexico.




The video starts with the biker turning around at a set of traffic lights and appearing to make a ‘Number One’ gesture with his finger, before he accelerates to up to the super bike’s rev limiter.

He holds the brake at the same time and the wheel spins violently, sending huge clouds of smoke into the air. The driver behind then beeps the car’s horn as the smoke begins to obscure their view of the road ahead.

When the light turns green, the biker pulls away and does a wheelie but pulls up too far and falls off the back as the bike tips over.




It smashes into the road, sending sparks and bits of the bike scattering across the tarmac.

The passengers in the filming car cry out with shock as the rider quickly gets up and begins to walk over to his bike.