Granny Mistaken Grandson’s S3x Toys As Thermal Socks, Had Trouble Taking Them Off

A 21-year-old Japanese man’s s3x toys were mistaken as thermal socks by his grandma. So she put them on and wore them to sleep.



After finding out what she did, the man told his grandma the true function of the “thermal socks” and ask her to take them off.




However, granny had trouble removing them from her feet so the man helped her and posted a video of the process on Twitter.

At last, they removed the toys from her feet successfully.




After that, the man said on Twitter that he didn’t want to keep the s3x toys cause it would “technically be incest”. So he offered to give them away to people who have got a thing for granny’s feet. He also claimed that the toys are still warm.

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