Here’s Why You Always Keep The Car Windows Closed When A Bear Is Nearby

A bear can go from curious mode to attack mode in an instant.


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Sometimes you run into a bear when you’re out in nature. It’s not really surprising. If you’re where bears live, you might see a bear. There are a whole lot of instructions available about what to do during a bear encounter. The instructions are intimidating. Especially when the National Park Service suggests you play dead when attacked by a brown bear or “concentrate your kicks and blows on the bear’s face and muzzle” if it’s a black bear.




However, there’s one obvious takeaway from this video posted by a Russian YouTube account. If you’re in a car when you encounter a bear, keep your windows rolled up. Though, the people in the car seemed to be momentarily unsure if the window needed to be all the way up, they are probably pleased about the decision to get it up in the end.




So, lesson learned. Windows up. Bears outside the car.