Steve-O Does The Bottle Cap Challenge With His D!ck

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet lately, you’ll know the latest viral trend has involved a roundhouse kick to the lid of the bottle, expertly spinning it off with a flick from the foot – or, in this case, something else:



While managing to nail the so-called #BottleCapChallenge is a pretty big feat in itself – requiring a careful balance of precision, agility and force – it was only a matter of time before some of us started trying to up the ante a bit.




Ever the non-conformist, the 45-year-old Jackass star chose to shun the theatrics of jet skis and wakeboards, and instead called on the assistance of something altogether simpler. Yep, his willy.

Posting a clip of his stunt to social media, he wrote: “Nothing but d!ck #JustTheTip.”




While some people found themselves asking what the hell they’d just witnessed, many fans congratulated Steve-O on the success of his unorthodox attempt.