Born to run! Husky owners swap sleds for unicycles in bizarre race

Siberian huskies are known for their prowess on the snow by pulling sleds over long distances. But dogs Bo and Dexter have proven they’re also capable of taking on grass fields in Litton, Yorkshire.





Their owner Sam Britton, 33, decided to test their natural running instincts by swapping sleds for unicycles during a camping trip. Mr Britton and his friend David Pickles, 39, eacg got on a unicycle holding and held a lead. The pooches bolt across the field pulling the cyclists like sledges across the snow.




Mr Britton carried a 360 degree camera on a pole to capture the dogs excitedly racing each other back to the camp site. For a brief moment it appears as though both huskies run together in unison like a sledding team. But the pace shifts when one of the dogs runs ahead.



At that moment it appears the cyclists almost cross paths, but they narrowly avoid a collision when one them veered away to the right. The dogs slow down as they approach the campsite.



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