Instant karma! Cyclist runs a red light and crashes into lampposts

A reckless cyclist who failed to stop at a red light crashed onto the pavement when he clipped a pedestrian crossing pole and then ricocheted into a lamppost. The biker was filmed by a lorry driver pedalling up the inside of the HGV before veering off the road to avoid a woman with children pushing a buggy over the crossing in Derby.





The driver Jez Pedley, who captured the crash on his dashcam can be heard laughing and describing the cyclist as a ‘muppet’. Mr Pedley filmed the cyclist wearing orange overalls as he drove along London Road last Friday.

Cyclist runs a red light


After hitting the metal poles, two passersby rush over to help the fallen biker up from the ground. Since posting the video of the crash on Facebook, the clip has gone viral with more than 10,000 views and shares worldwide.

Cyclist runs a red light and crashes into lampposts


Mr Pedley said: ‘It was instant karma and I’ve got to say, the cyclist has got no one to blame but himself. ‘I saw him in my mirror cycling up beside me when I stopped at the lights and was about to honk my horn because I could see the mum on the crossing. ‘Suddenly the cyclist whizzes by and then veers off the road when he spots the woman. ‘To be honest, he looked a complete muppet,’ Mr Pedley said. ‘I posted the video to warn cyclists of the dangers of running red lights and since then I’ve been messaged form people across the world – it’s been mad,’ he added.



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