Five-Foot Angry Bagel Guy Interviewed By Tall Woman And Wasn’t Happy About It

A five-foot man who’s come to be known across the internet as ‘angry bagel guy’ wasn’t happy when a tall interviewer showed up to question him about his initial outburst.



Earlier this week, 45-year-old Chris Morgan made headlines after footage showing him unleashing some pent up frustration in a bagel store went viral.

The angry man directed his outburst at women who mocked and made negative comments about his height. So understandably Morgan wasn’t too happy when a tall woman arrived to interview him.




Alison Hall asked if he thought a bagel shop was the best place to take out his anger, to which Morgan responded ‘why not?’.

Before Hall even had chance to ask a follow up question, Morgan decided he was done with the interview.

He got straight to the point, saying: ‘I don’t really like you that much so this interview’s over.’




Inside Edition only showed a small amount of the interview so it’s not clear if Morgan felt the interviewer had done something specific to make him not like her, but I have a feeling it was really down to the fact she towered over him.