Grouper Swallows A Whole Shark

Researchers on the Windows to the Deep 2019 expedition off the coast of South Carolina were observing a shark feeding frenzy over a swordfish carcass when something extremely unexpected happened.



A group of small sharks devoured a dead swordfish at a depth of 450 metres. But at the same time, one of the predators was swallowed by another larger creature. The video was published by the US Oceanic and Atmospheric Observing Agency (NOAA).




The Deep Discoverer craft was 450 metres deep off the coast of South Carolina when it saw a group of sharks in the seabed. The vessel caught 11 sharks eating a swordfish corpse about 2.5 metres-long.

Then, the observers saw on the screen a giant fish swimming with a whole shark gradually engulfed in its mouth.




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