Inventive Man Uses A DIY Firework Drone To Disperse Loud Street Party

What do you do when you want to shut down a party?


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Ring the lights, switch off the music or shut down supply to the drinks are some of the usual avenues.

But one man in Brazil has taken it to the next level, using a drone loaded with fireworks to break up a noisy street party being held in his neighborhood.




When people talk about the potential dangers of drone technology, this isn’t usually what they have in mind.

Video of the incident — said to have been captured in Brazil — shows a small drone hovering above the street, shooting red bursts of fireworks as people run out of the firing line.

The clip was posted on YouTube where it’s racked up hundreds of thousands of views.




“Little preview of what war will look like in a couple of years,” one online commenter posted.

Another said: “So it has begun. Call Kyle Reese and John Connor.”