Passenger Spotted Swiping An Airplane’s Touchscreen With His Feet

There are a lot of things you might do at home while watching the TV that you wouldn’t do in public.



For example, if you’re lying on the sofa and the remote is that little bit too far away, you may use your feet to pull it closer to you, or even, if you’re nimble enough, change the channel. But that’s in private and born out of a combination of necessity and boredom.

However, footage has been shared on social media of an airline passenger using their feet to operate the in-flight entertainment screen.




Posting the short clip to Twitter, author Alafair Burke said: “My friend who doesn’t have twitter sent this from her flight. It belongs on Twitter.

“The photographer confirms that she saw him walk on and off the plane, carrying his own bag. He just likes to watch TV with his bare feet.”




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