Man Breaks Spine After Bungee Harness Snaps In Poland

A man has broken his spine after his harness reportedly snapped during a 330ft bungee jump in Poland.



The 39-year-old man leapt from the platform in Gdynia, Poland, when the harness attaching him to the chord broke.

Several witnesses caught the shocking incident, which happened last Sunday (21 July), on camera. The distressing footage has now been released showing the moment the man’s harness reportedly comes loose.




He is seen walking onto a crane, where he is raised high up into the air above a crowd of spectators watching on below.

After jumping from the platform, the rope snaps off the straps attaching his ankles to the chord and he falls to the ground, landing on a large grey airbag. Several people can then be seen running over to check if he is OK.




The unnamed man is said to have suffered a broken spine as well as several injuries to internal organs.

Fortunately, however, though the spine itself was broken during the stunt, the spinal cord was not, so it is understood that he should be able to move once he has recovered.