Man Films The Moment His Girlfriend Spots Tinder On His Phone

A man has given us all a lesson on why it’s not a good idea to cheat, after his girlfriend spotted Tinder on his phone and was, understandably, less than pleased. Oh and the whole thing was caught on video.



Lynn Burton, 26, was on a three-day getaway with her fella Ahkeem Murphy, also 26, in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin but the lovely break turned to disaster when she spied the Tinder app on his phone while they were out playing around on the water. Not ideal.

As the pair ride along on a water scooter, looking happy as you like and posing for the camera, Lynn can be seen leaning in and squinting, to get a better look at his phone before asking: “Wait, is that Tinder?” Whoops.




A worried-looking Ahkeem tries to play it cool, saying: “What are you talking about?”

But Lynn continues: “I thought you deleted that, who is that?”

The couple continue to bicker – as Lynn demands to check his phone, an insistent Ahkeem refuses to do so.

He then appears to speed up the water scooter as though he can somehow get away from what is going on, despite his angry girlfriend being sat literally behind him.




Ahkeem, who tweets under the name Luxury Prince, has since shared clips of himself with Lynn, where they look like they’re having a laugh at a funfair – meaning she doesn’t seem to have dumped him and/or launched him into the water for cheating, so that’s good.