dog interrupts its owners every time they try to kiss

This couple got some canine company every time they tried to share a romantic moment on the sofa. The adorable footage taken in Bothem, Washington shows Canelo – believed to be a dachshund constantly cutting in every time his owners lean in for a kiss.





In spite of their best efforts, the owners cannot stop Canelo from displaying his affection. The video opens with the sausage dog thrusting a paw towards his male owner before turning his attention to the other owner. Here Canelo lands a slobbering kiss on his female owner’s cheek, much to the couple’s amusement.



As the cream-coloured pooch struggles to contain his excitement, he makes another lunge for his owners as they try to kiss again. At this point Canelo unleashes another torrent of licks before the man quickly withdraws. In a bid to catch his dog off-guard, the male owner tries to sneak in another kiss but he fails to escape Canelo’s watchful eye.



The dachshund proceeds to wave his paw and licks his owners until the man recoils in shock. Both prove no match for the rambunctious Canelo who endlessly tries to lick his owners until the end of the video.



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