Toddler And Football Player Without Forearm Bond In Heartwarming Photo

Joseph Tidd loves the Orlando Pride soccer team. Joseph is seen meeting player Carson Pickett. The two share a very special bond: both Joseph and Carson are missing their left forearms.



His parent wrote: I love fist bumping her. If you can’t tell, she makes me smile, double chin and all!

After the game, Pickett spent half an hour playing with Joseph.

Joseph used to be confused when kids would grab his arm, his mother said, and his older sister would explain that Joseph has a “lucky fin” like Nemo.




The photo was taken last month during one of Pride’s football matches. Joseph’s mother managed to capture the heartwarming moment as Picket, who was also born without a forearm, come up to fist bump the little boy.

The Tidd family came to support Carson Picket during the match by no accident.

Joseph and Carson met each other for the first time in April and it was just as heartwarming.




There is no doubt that the football player has become a role model showing that nothing can stop you from doing the things you love.