NYPD Cop Harassed On Subway By Angry Passenger Reacts Perfectly

A subway rider was filmed harassing a uniformed police officer in New York in front of confused commuters.



The minute-long clip shows a man who looks to be in his 20s telling an officer to ‘put hands’ on him, pointing out it would give him ‘every right to defend himself’.

‘Oh, you do?’ the police officer responds, ‘you think so?’

The man says ‘yeah, so put your hands on me,’ before threatening the officer, telling him ‘I’ll f*ck you up’.




While the officer in the video has not been identified, it appears as if he attempts to calm the situation down, telling the man ‘do what you gotta do’, while his partner stood nearby and shot the video earlier this week.

However, the man continued to berate the officer, telling him ‘suck my d*ck’ while taking a step closer to the cop.

While members of the public look on and laugh, the man told the second officer ‘freedom of speech, I’m doing nothing wrong’, before the other cop responds, ‘I understand’.




The Police Benevolent Association of New York, which represents active and retired police officers in the state, shared the clip to its Twitter to warn of the abuse facing officers every day.