Dudes Drench Cops With Water For Coming On Their Block!

Three people have been arrested in two separate incidents of on-duty New York police officers being doused with buckets of water in Harlem and Brooklyn.



Cortney Thompson, Chad Bowden and Isiah Scott were booked Wednesday in connection to the Brooklyn water-dousing incident, sources said. Police later arrested two other men, Isiah Scott and Chad Bowden, in connection to the incident in Harlem.




In video of the Harlem incident, officers are seen handcuffing a man on the hood of a sedan while about five other men circle the group.

The men toss water on the arresting officers from buckets. At one point, a shirtless man behind the officers winds up and throws an empty red bucket. After it bounces off the head of the officer closest to the camera, the crowd jeers.




In the second video, two officers, already visibly wet, are seen walking away from a conversation with individuals who are obscured by a parked car in Brooklyn. Splashes of water follow them from off-camera as laughter is heard in the background.

As they cross the street, a young man runs up and pours an entire bucket of water on one officer. The two policemen never break stride.