Bear stealing bin from colorado marijuana dispensary

A bear nicknamed ‘cheeseburger’ has been caught on CCTV trying to steal a dumpster from outside a marijuana shop. The mischievous animal was spotted trying to break into a bin outside The Bud Depot in Lyons, Colorado in the US last week.





Footage shows the bear ripping open a wooded gate at the back of the shop, before walking up to the large dumpster nearby. It desperately tries to open the ‘bear-proof’ dumpster, but struggles to get the lid open so decides to walk off with the entire bin instead.



After several minutes it appears to give up, leaving the dumpster outside the shop in the parking lot. Footage of the bear’s desperate attempts at getting some scraps was shared by Colorado Parks and Wildlife on Twitter.



The video has attracted dozens of retweets and likes, with many commenting on just how determined the bear seems in its attempts for food.



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