Horrifying Moment A Piece Of Meat Crawls Off Dining Table

This is the bizarre moment a piece of raw ‘zombie’ meat appears to crawl off a restaurant customer’s dinner plate before it falls onto the floor.



The footage was posted to Facebook by Rie Phillips, from Florida, two weeks ago and has since been viewed more than four million times.

The video starts by showing a restaurant table with the plate of raw meat, another bowl of food and a plate with chopsticks on it.




Suddenly, a part of the long piece of skinned meat lurches forwards, dragging it off the plate.

As it lands on the table, it flips over and the woman who is filming screams loudly.

The meat then spasms again, causing it to fall off the table before the woman screams once more.




However, one sceptical viewer suggested in the comments on the video that the meat had had a string attached to it which had caused it to move. But others appeared to have been taken in by the video and suggested that the meat could still move because it was ‘so fresh’.