Man Handcuffed To Wheel Chair And Dragged Off Flight After Trying To Sit In First Class

A man was kicked off a flight in America after he refused to get out of his seat.



The man known only as Peter was on an American Airlines flight from Dallas Airport bound for Los Angeles when he was forcibly removed by police.

Fellow passenger John Gilbert said Peter became irritated when he was assigned a seat in Row 36. He then moved up to First Class and when asked by the crew to move back to his assigned seat, he refused.




Mr Gilbert filmed the angry exchange between Peter and cabin crew.

Other passengers were then told to grab their bags and get off the plane while airport police handcuffed Peter to a wheelchair and removed him from the flight.

Gilbert filmed officers pushing the unruly passenger through a set of doors as he tries to wriggle free from his restraints.




According to reports, the AA2460 flight from Dallas Fort Worth to Los Angeles International Airport was delayed by 45 minutes.