Girl Hit In The Face By ‘Flying Bin Chicken’ While Riding Roller Coaster

Going on amusement rides are bloody awesome.


Whether they’re recreating one of your favourite movies or it’s just got a cool name like The Death Spinner, these rides never fail to push up the adrenaline, leaving many people screaming and smiling.

But imagine as you’re enjoying one of these rides and you get hit by one of Australia’s most well known birds?




Well, that’s what one poor girl had to experience while on the Gold Coast at Movie World. However, it wasn’t a lorikeet, a galah, a cockatoo, a magpie or even a kookaburra. It was a goddamn bin chicken, otherwise known more specifically as an ibis.

Thankfully, for Paige, the bird only nicked her, giving her a small scratch on her right shoulder and a few feathers were left behind as well.




The family couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the footage at the end of the DC Rivals HyperCoaster ride but now she’s got a pretty good story on top of a good visit to Movie World.