Squirrel chases away deer who is trying to poach his nuts

This is the hilarious moment a fearless squirrel chases away a much-larger deer trying to steal its nuts. Despite being much smaller, the grey squirrel climbs down a tree and heads towards the muntjac deer to frighten it off.





A video, filmed by a farm owner in a British garden, shows the deer trying to get closer to a bird feeder containing nuts. However, the squirrel is guarding its food and does not let the deer poach it. As the curious muntjac approaches the tree, the rodent climbs down quickly.



The deer then moves away while the squirrel climbs the tree again. As the animal continues being around the tree, the rodent notices it and moves fast to scare the muntjac.



When the deer gets closer to the bird feeder again, the squirrel chases it away from the tree and goes back only after making sure the deer is far enough and that its nuts are safe.



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