Crazy moment driver walks away after flipping his car into garden

This is the dramatic moment a speeding car flew over an eight-foot hedge and crashed into the front garden of a house in Cambridgeshire. Captured on the homeowner’s CCTV camera, the vehicle is seen flipping 720 degrees in the air before it slammed into another car with a loud thud. Miraculously however, the driver was seen to walk away from the scene after picking up a few pieces of the wreckage.





The incident happened at around 11pm on Cambridge Road in the village of Stretham in April. The quiet countryside road suddenly came to life when the car, travelling fast down a straight stretch, came off the road and flipped over a garden. In the video, the headlights of the vehicle can be seen dancing across the buildings on the other side of the road seconds before the car comes into view.



After performing a barrel roll mid-air, it came back to earth and slammed straight onto the roof of a parked car. Homeowner Donna Clarke Brown, who was woken up by the almighty crash, described the scene like something ‘straight out of a Fast and Furious movie’.



And much like a stunt car driver, the man driving the vehicle appeared to get out of the car unscathed. After talking to a concerned onlooker, the man then picked up a few pieces of the wreckage before he walked away.



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