Furious cyclist blocks double decker bus for not letting his bicycle on board

Bizarre footage shows the moment an angry cyclist faces off with a double-decker bus after the driver wouldn’t let him on with a Boris bike. Shocked onlookers watched on as the red-haired man refused to let the 149 bus pass in Spitalfields, east London, at around 3pm on Monday.





He shouts ‘you’re not going f****** anywhere’, as he rams his bike into the bus to prevent it from moving away from the area. Onlookers said the suited man started to rant when the driver refused to let him board with the Santander bike accusing the driver of racism.



The video shows him sat on the bike facing the bus while smoking a cigarette, butting it with the bike which is laden with a pillow and two shopping bags.



A front panel on the Stratford-bound bus eventually flips out, and the cyclist moves on. But not before traffic had built up in the area.



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