The Fascinating Way Hong Kong’s Protesters Neutralize Tear Gas Canisters

As the massive protests in Hong Kong continue, the protestors have gotten good at managing the tear gas sent their way by riot police.



This is the moment a group of protesters in Hong Kong showed incredible ingenuity by defusing a tear gas cannister fired by riot police.

The video, shot on Sunday, shows a canister starting to billow tear gas in a narrow empty street.




Before the gas can engulf the area, a group of protesters armed with gas masks, umbrellas, a traffic cone and water bottles quickly act to extinguish the device.

One protester places the traffic cone over the canister which traps the gas in a confined space.

Another protester then uses the hole at the top of the traffic cone to pour water over the canister.




Tear gas was still being emitted from the canister as the traffic cone was lifted, so the group of protesters quickly douse it before the tear gas is stopped entirely.

Violent clashes have been seen all over the city as protests in Hong Kong have escalated.