This Elephant Tries To Rip Off A Woman’s Bikini

This is the moment an elephant appears to try to remove a woman’s bikini after she stands right next to it at a safari park.



Self-proclaimed Instagram model Francia James claims she was groped by the 9,000-pound African elephant at Myrtle Beach safari park in South Carolina.

Footage shows Ms James walking up to the behemoth, that was rescued after her herd was killed by poachers, wearing only a bikini in order to stroke it.




However, the tusker immediately appears to be more interested in the scent of something on her body.

Feigning surprise at the intrusion, Ms James jumps away in apparent shock with a large smile on her face.




Talking about the encounter, she said: ’The trunk felt just like a large man’s hand with a high powered vacuum attached!’

On its website the zoo said the elephant, called Bubbles, was rescued in the early 1980s when her herd was killed for their ivory.