Woman Who Keeps Sleeping Through Her Alarm Catches Cat Turning It Off

How dare our phones interrupt our peaceful slumber with a twinkly jingle or obnoxious horn?



Really, for this Brazilian cat owner, her pet is doing her a favour by turning off her alarm every morning.

The footage is both damning and hilarious for the rogue cat:

However, there is the small issue of the cat’s owner routinely running late for work because of the feline’s tendency to turn off the alarm.




Joaquim, disturbed by the noise, leaps off and sets his eyes on the phone, pouncing up and pawing at the phone until the alarm stops.

Two women can be heard laughing in the video as the cat achieves its goal of silencing the alarm.




Taking place on July 27 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this incident opened the eyes of Joaquim’s owner.

She said: My companion and I were arriving late to work because the phone alarm wasn’t waking us up. Recently, we have discovered that our kitty Joaquim was the one who was turning off the alarm.