44 Injured By Artificial Tsunami In Malfunctioning Wave Pool Accident

A 3-meter tsunami caused by a faulty wave machine wipes out dozens of pool-goers in China.



The incident took place at the hugely popular summer tourist resort Shuiyun Water Park on July 29, with officials saying 44 were left injured.

Footage taken by visitors shows swimmers deep inside the pool suddenly faced with a torrent of incoming water produced by the wave machine.




Described as a ‘tsunami’, the tidal wave measured up to 10 feet and can be seen sweeping away tourists, flipping many of them and their swimming rings upside down in the chaos.

The video shows visitors standing outside the wave pool running for safety too as they realise the unusually large surge is going to splash over the barrier.

Tourists can be heard screaming as the water is launched over the barrier and a number of them are knocked over.




Footage taken in the aftermath then shows a woman lying injured on the ground and bleeding from her legs.

The wave pool has been shut by authorities for inspection.