Driver Banned After Footage Caught Him Flying Over Roundabout

A driver has been banned after he was captured on camera flying through the air across a roundabout ‘Dukes of Hazzard style’.



In case you haven’t seen the footage yet, take a look. It’s seriously dangerous, seriously illegal, but also just a little bit impressive.

18-year-old Ryan Lamb was spotted catching some air in his van as he ran straight over a roundabout on the A11 in Norfolk.




The van seriously took off over the top of the roundabout, spiralling through the air before crashing on the other side. He didn’t quite stick the landing in the way that ‘them Duke boys’ became famous for.

The teenager, of Beck Row in Suffolk, was found guilty of dangerous driving at Norwich Magistrates Court after he pleaded not guilty to driving a motor vehicle dangerously.




Once he is eligible again, he must also complete an extended driving test in order to regain his licence.