Deep Sea Researchers Encounter A Shark Bigger Than Their Submarine

The bluntnose sixgill shark is a deep sea species that can grow up to 26 feet in length. The crew of OceanX’s submersible got up close and personal with one.



With shark week in full swing, some of the most jaw-dropping deep sea footage ever recorded is making the rounds online. This includes footage from an expedition in the Caribbean, where a 26-foot-long bluntnose sixgill shark was seen in action. The real-life sea monster was about twice the length of the submarine that encountered it.




The video comes from the OceanX research crew, who encountered the terrifying bluntnose sixgill shark in the Bahamas. The massive female came up from the depths, charging their submarine with teeth already gnashing. The shark has a unique and terrifying look, with loose, flowing skin and huge, articulate eyes.




This was a rare sighting, as the bluntnose sixgill shark is one of the most elusive species in the ocean. That is because they typically live in the depths, far from light and out of range of the average research mission. As glad as these scientists were to see one, it is also an unsettling occasion to see one rising so high.