Guy Single-Handedly Stops A Runaway Truck From Crashing With His Bare Hands

While sitting in back of a truck, the man suddenly realized that its brakes had failed and the vehicle had began rolling down hill in the path of some apparently expensive sports cars.



Through either sudden super-strength or pure luck, he was able to slow the runaway vehicle to a stop




Video shows the driver clinging onto the left hand side of the motor vehicle and heaving as it rolls down a slight hill in Zelenograd, Russia.

Then, as though he has suddenly gained superhuman strength, the truck comes to a stop.

His efforts seems to have paid off as the runaway truck miraculously comes to a juddering halt just inches from the expensive looking cars.




The clip was uploaded to social media yesterday with the caption ‘The brakes failed and inexplicably the driver stopped his truck five millimetres from the cars.

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