Very Good Dog Gently Rescues Bird Trapped Inside House And Releases It To Safety

A bird got stuck inside a porch, but thankfully Gus, a Lab/Pyrenees mix, saved the day.



Jennifer Ahleberg filmed Gus, a Labrador-Pyrenees mix, who she said has become ‘adept at the gentle catch and release’ after several birds got themselves stuck in her Connecticut home over the years.

In the footage, the bird helplessly flaps around around the room hitting into glass windows as it desperately tries to escape.




But after Jennifer instructs Gus to ‘take it outside,’ he springs into action, picking it up off the ground and gently holding the bird in his mouth.

From there, he carefully walks out of the house onto wooden decking where lets the creature go.

The pair then watch as the bird flaps its way to freedom, gleefully heading towards the trees at the end of the yard.




Jennifer said: ‘He is somehow able to trap and catch the bird without injuring it and then he brings the bird outside and lets it go.