Father Grabs Daughter Out Of His Car Before It Got Hit!

Father is seen helping his young daughter out of a car just moments before another vehicle smashes into the front of it.



The man, identified locally as Waseem Haidar, had stopped at a bakery to pick up bread with his wife and child in the Zahle district in central Lebanon.

Mr Haidar’s wife was still in the car when the vehicle – driven by an unidentified woman – smashed into it, but she escaped with only minor injuries, local media reported.




In the video, the father can be seen taking his daughter out and closing the back door before moving towards the driver’s side to do the same just as the other vehicle crashes into the rear of his car.

According to local media, the car that caused the collision was occupied by an unidentified woman – who reportedly suffered a broken leg – and her two daughters.




There are no reports of any charges being filed against the female driver.