Salon worker fights off moped gang with shop sign

This is the moment a salon worker fought off a moped gang with a shop sign to stop them smashing their way into a jewellers with sledgehammers. Footage shows robbers on three mopeds driving onto the pavement outside Coleby’s Jewellers in Billiceray, Essex, before jumping off and using sledgehammers to try and break the glass front.





Seconds later, the owner of the hairdressers next door runs out and throws the sign in a brave attempt to distract them, prompting one of the thugs to attack their shop too.



The terrifying assault continued until a driver trapped two of the mopeds with his van, despite them smashing his windscreen. Afterwards, all four attackers then got on the remaining moped and fled.



Police traced them to the area of The Swallows, where all the motorcycle clothing and the bike itself had been discarded.



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