Nice to eat you! Heartstopping moment a massive shark approaches an unwitting surfer

Drone footage has captured the heart-stopping moment a shark stalked a surfer before swimming up to him to take a closer look. The video was filmed by Mark Zucconi, 53, at Avoca Beach on New South Wales’ Central Coast in July when he noticed the grey nurse shark stalking a group of swimmers.





The footage shows the two-metre long shark approaching a surfer from right underneath his board before he moved at the last second. Grey nurse sharks are generally not dangerous to humans, but they can attack if they feel threatened.



The shark was seen swimming between two men who were paddling out towards a large school of fish. As the surfers paddled on their boards, the shark moved underneath one of them.



The surfer who saw the animal at the last minute managed to quickly lift his legs up to his board in fear of getting bitten by the large animal. The shark then darted away from the startled surfer.



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