Tourists shocked by a rogue wave in Rio de Janeiro

Sunbathing tourists were left in a panic and rushing to grab their children after a freak wave washed their belongings and plastic chairs into the sea. Dozens of people are seen enjoying the sunny weather in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, last Saturday before the peaceful atmosphere is ruined.





In a video filmed at the busy beach people can be heard screaming as the water catches them off guard and rises to the same level as youngsters’ waists. Although lasting for less than a minute, the rouge wave causes chaos and leaves items strewn across the sand. Video from the beach shows people happily sitting under parasols while young children play football on the shore line. The wave is seen gradually making its way closer to the beach but it’s too late for most of the happy tourists to retreat by the time they realise it is going to soak them.



The front rows of parasols are worst affected by the wave, with these tourist’s who had managed to get a prime spot have their belongings washed out to sea. Dozens of people can then be heard screaming in the short clip as they try to grab their items and keep hold of family members.



The person filming the wave, who is stood on a higher platform, then spins the camera around to show the extent of the chaos. Within a few seconds the wave has retreated and the beach doubles in size, although it is now scattered with towels, bags and plastic chairs. Confused tourists then run to retrieve their chairs and make sure everyone is ok while young children can still be heard screaming.



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