Airline’s ground crew chief gets his groove on at Nashville Airport

A heart-warming video captures the moves of one joyous airline employee, dancing while directing operations on the tarmac, as passengers film from on board the plane. The American Airlines employee was seen getting his groove on to entertain the plane load of people watching at Nashville International Airport on July 24.





Suzanne Durham, who was on board, caught the scene on video when she spotted ground crew chief Isaiah Foster strutting his stuff. Skipping and spinning around while using his control batons as drumsticks the employee is clearly having a good day.



The passenger shared the video on Twitter with the caption: ‘Whoever you are…THANK YOU! This guy is living his #bestlife!’



Ms Durham told ABC News: ‘I was on the phone and looking out the window and he was literally out there dancing and doing all these moves with the luggage cart initially. ‘I said, ‘I hope I capture him on video’ because he was just pure joy.’ A spokesman for American Airlines told ABC News: ‘Crew chief Isaiah Foster proves that when you love what you do, you can dance on the fly.’



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