Heart-stopping moment dog escapes jaws of crocodile in flood

This is the shocking moment a dog narrowly escapes death when a crocodile sneaks up on it beneath floodwater and attacks it.nThe video was filmed in Vadodara, Gujarat, in western India, after heavy rain yesterday caused the Vishwamitri river to burst its banks.





Footage shows two dogs standing in the water while a crocodile silently approaches them just beneath the surface. A family, who are believed to be the dogs’ owners, are seen sheltering behind a metal gate. They do not open it to let the dogs in because they do not want to let the dangerous predator in at the same time.



When the crocodile is immediately next to one of the dogs, it takes it by surprise and makes a lunge for it. Its enormous jaws make a snapping sound as they connect with its right back leg and the dog yelps and jumps away.



The dog moves to a safer distance but the other dog does not move. Fortunately, the crocodile does not try to attack it. Wildlife rescuers later captured the crocodile.



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