Man Quickly Finds Out He Spat In The Wrong Subway Passenger’s Face

A man who spat twice in the face of a fellow subway rider quickly realised he’d messed with the wrong guy after he ripped open the doors and beat him unconscious.



Shocking video footage has emerged showing the unnamed man spitting through the doors of a subway car as they shut at 34th Street in Manhattan.

Still not satisfied, the man spat in the passenger’s face again, thinking he’d gotten away with it as the doors were almost shut.




However, his target resembled the Incredible Hulk when he managed to prise the doors back open, before running out and jumping on the spitter.

The footage shows the man repeatedly pummelling the spitter, while the camera man says ‘he’s livid, it’s over!’

While other riders attempt to break up the fight, the cameraman tells them ‘nah, nah! He spit in his face!’




The angry subway rider then grabbed his phone off the floor as the train left the platform, leaving his spitter seemingly unconscious on the ground.