Girl Runs Into A Glass Wall 3 Times Before Finding The Actual Door!

Walking into a glass wall is a thing we all do at one time or another, right? It’s almost like a human rite of passage.



You know how it is, you’re just going about your business, no muss no fuss and then WHAM. Your world changes and you die a little inside.


But have you ever done it three times in a row, in the same place, on the same glass wall Didn’t think so. But someone has!




And a Good Samaritan, Re3ck6le0ss, posted it to Reddit’s r/Wellthatsucks board so that we can all have a hearty laugh at someone else’s expense.

THREE TIMES! And man, that first one looked BRUTAL. Like I actually got worried at first.I mean she was moving with INTENTION. She was MOTIVATED to get out there.

But it’s the second hit that really gets me. That moment she takes afterward, to try to get her sh*t together… it’s the most relatable and heartbreaking and also hilarious thing I have ever seen.




Until, of course, she walks into the glass the THIRD TIME. Which is when my brain lost oxygen because I started laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.