Cruise Ship Worker Waves Giant Hand To Mock Passengers Who Were Too Late

Whenever you’re travelling on a cruise ship, staff a very clear when you have to be back on board otherwise you’ll get left behind.


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Because they can’t do a manifest check every time the ship leaves its dock, there have been loads of examples where people are left stranded on some random island because they didn’t adhere to the time.

That’s exactly what one couple experienced after they arrived late to their cruise ship at St Maarten in the Caribbean.




But to make matters worse for the two people, as the cruise ship was pulling away, a crew member came outside the bridge and held up a massive ‘Bye’ sign that looked like a hand waving.

Now, if we’re being honest, this might not be as sinister as it seems. The crew member could be waving the hand at everyone on the ground below or to the other ship that was docked at the port. But it would be hilarious if this cruise ship had this hand specifically for when people came late in order to shame them.




No doubt the couple will now have to catch a boat or plane to the next destination so they don’t miss the rest of the cruise.