Hungry seagull takes an entire apple pie into its mouth

This is the incredible moment a seagull forces down a whole apple pie slice without even taking a bite. The birds are not one to let any food or waste go uneaten, and so devoured the snack without a moment’s hesitation.





The footage was recorded by a car passenger in the seaside town of Newport, Oregon who watched the gull land on their car bonnet. In the video it appears that the gull had the crusty pie slice thrown its way over the windscreen and immediately claimed it as its own.


Recorded in slow motion, the bird then flipped up the pie and caught it in its beak. It then quickly pushed the baked dessert down its throat, showing no intention of sharing even the crumbs with the other circling gulls.


Seconds later, the slice had completely disappeared. Seagulls on either side of the Atlantic are known to have a ferocious appetite, but recently their meal plans seem to have taken a hit in quality.



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