Passengers Shocked After Drunk Flight Attendant Passes Out In Her Seat

She was so drunk that she didn’t even realise they’d arrived at their destination and thought the plane hadn’t moved.



A flight attendant who passengers believed was drunk is facing charges after a video surfaced showing her slumped in her seat on a plane.

Julianne March, 49, was supposedly intoxicated while on a United Express flight travelling from Chicago to South Bend, Indiana, on 1 August. She had been the only flight attendant on board for the journey.




When the plane landed, the flight attendant from Waukesha, Wisconsin, apparently started crying, under the belief that she was still in Chicago.

A passenger called Aaron Scherb said that he clocked March leaning against the galley and making ‘slurred’ security announcements.

Before takeoff, he had also noticed her bumping into seats and passengers as she walked up and down to check the overhead lockers.




March told officers she was not on any medication, while alcohol could apparently be smelt on her breath.

She was given a breathalyser test, which found her alcohol level to be 0.204 – five times the 0.04 legal limit for flight attendants and others working in aviation. March was reportedly fired on the spot.