State Trooper Rips Out Car Window During Traffic Stop!

Maryland State Police are investigating a trooper’s actions in a traffic stop where the trooper ripped out a driver’s window with his bare hands and pulled the driver out of the car.



Video posted to Facebook by Ray Harris Jr. Wednesday shows a May 7 traffic stop and a Maryland trooper immediately asking Harris to get out of the car.

Harris says the trooper hasn’t told him why he’s been stopped and argues it isn’t necessary for him to get out of his car.




After Harris requests a supervisor, the argument continues and the trooper seems to grow frustrated.

A back and forth argument ensues for several minutes.

The trooper eventually reaches his hands into the cracked window, which Harris left open by a few inches, then breaks out the window with his bare hands before pulling Harris out and arresting him.




Harris was charged with failing to obey a lawful order and spent eight hours in jail. The failing to obey charge has since been dropped.